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A dictation plugin for gedit (the GNOME text editor).
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Dict'O'nator : A Dictation Plugin for Gedit 3.20


  • Dictate text into Gedit
  • Delete sentences/words, perform undo/redo, copy/paste from clipboard, save/clear documents, go to line.
  • Repeat commands, insert special characters.
  • Choose one from many recognisation services
  • A comprehensive bottom bar

How to use: Read HOWTO for complete command list

  • All commands work from the cursor, including put, deletes.
  • Multiple commands cannot be used together in one sentence
  • Only repeatable actions can be repeated
  • To input specific characters/digits use "put" command
Format of instructions:
  • some non command text : input directly
  • repeatable command (number) times : execute command number times
  • non repeatable command : execute command
  • put (special character) : input special character
  • put (special character) (number) times : input special character number times
  • put (number) digit : input number
  • put (number1) digit (number2) times : input number1 number2 times
  • Hello what's up : non commands will be input directly
  • put underscore : input _
  • delete sentence : delete last sentence from pointer
  • put question mark 4 times : input question mark 4 times
  • delete 5 lines : delete 5 lines
  • go to line 5 : moves the cursor to line 5
  • save document : saves document

Screenshot: Go here to see the rest of the images


Installation(For Ubuntu)

  • Install with script
    • Open terminal and execute sudo ./
  • Manual Install
    • Copy all contents of folder that matches your gedit version to path ~/.local/share/gedit/plugins/
    • Copy dictonator.svg to path /usr/share/icons/hicolor/scalable/apps/
    • Install python3 and pip3 by sudo apt-get install python3-all-dev python3-pip
    • Install portaudio and swig by sudo apt-get install swig portaudio19-dev
    • Install SpeechRecognition and pocketsphinx by pip3 install SpeechRecognition pocketsphinx


Dict'O'nator is released under GNU GPL v3

See LICENSE to read the terms of the GNU General Public License
You can also visit to read the terms.

Code Attributes

Basic plugin codes
License: GPl v2
Gedit Wiki

Speech License: BSD
Uberi Speech Recognition

text2num library
License: MIT
text2num by Greg Hewgill

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