Nampa - FLIRT for (binary) ninjas
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Nampa - FLIRT for (binary) ninjas


Pure-python implementation of IDA Pro's FLIRT technology, and Binary Ninja plugin.

Note: This project is still in an experimental phase and may fail to work or to recognize some functions.


Nampa is a package for reading IDA Pro's .sig files. It comes with its own command-line tool for analyzing such files:

This repository will likely be split into a python-only package and a Binary Ninja plugin in the future, as the former is completely decoupled from the latter.

Nampa comes with a small library of .sig files, automatically downloaded from 3rd-party GitHub repositories when needed.




For use as a python library:

pip install nampa

For use as a Binary Ninja plugin:

cd ~/.binaryninja/plugins/
git clone
cd nampa
pip install -r requirements.txt # or sudo apt-get install python-future

NOTE: apparently, Binary Ninja for Windows ships with its own python distribution so pip install accordingly.


Nampa (なんぱ) is the Japanese art of picking up women on the street.


The code needs some real-world testing to rule out bugs introduced during the porting of flirt.c to python.


A big part of this project is basically a python port of radare's FLIRT implementation.


The original radare's flirt.c is under LGPL, so my deep knowledge of software licenses tells me that I must keep it that way.