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Make Medium Readable Again

Available in the Chrome Web Store Get the Firefox Add-on Get the Safari Extension

Available in the Chrome Web Store Get the Firefox Add-on

Make Medium Readable Again is a Chrome extension, Firefox add-on and Safari extension that improves a reading experience ruined by user engagement tactics. Medium was actually readable once; this extension aims to help people pay attention to writers' words again instead of Medium's UX.

Improves readability by

  • Keeping the top navigation bar from sticking around
  • Hiding the bottom "Get Updates" bar completely
  • Shrinking massive header images
  • Hiding "posts meter" bar and Upgrade header button
  • Hiding "Open in App" button on mobile
  • Blocking the "pardon the interruption" popup
  • (Optionally) hiding the clap / share bar
  • (Optionally) loading all post images up front, instead of lazy loading as you scroll
  • (Optionally) disabling the popup menu that appears when selecting text


Unreadable Medium Medium: unreadable

Medium Made Readable Again Medium Made Readable Again


Want to improve something? Please do! Send a pull request or file an issue!




I'm Matt Baer, and I'm tired of annoying, user-hostile software. Inspired by this and a time when Medium was more readable, I built a writing platform called that works great if you never sign up, lets you read, and leaves out the comments, claps, and dickbars. It's perfect for when you just need to get your thoughts out — and if you want to share, you can always cross-post to Medium.

Disclaimer regarding extension permissions

This extension requires access to all websites in order to make Medium articles on publications with different domain names than also readable.


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