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Saving Statics from one mission to the next
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--SIMPLE STATICS SAVING by Pikey, May 2019

-- Usage of this script should credit the following contributors: --Pikey --Speed & Grimes for their work on Serialising tables, included below, --FlightControl for MOOSE (Required)

--INTENDED USAGE --DCS Server Admins looking to do long term multi session play that will need a server reboot in between and they wish to keep the Ground --Unit positions true from one reload to the next.

--USAGE --Ensure LFS and IO are not santitised in missionScripting.lua. This enables writing of files. If you don't know what this does, don't attempt to use this script. --Requires versions of MOOSE.lua supporting "SET:ForEachGroupAlive()". Should be good for 6 months or more from date of writing. --MIST not required, but should work OK with it regardless. --Edit 'SaveScheduleUnits' below, (line 34) to the number of seconds between saves. Low impact. 10 seconds is a fast schedule. --Place Ground Groups wherever you want on the map as normal. --Run this script at Mission start --The script will create a small file with the list of Groups and Units. --At Mission Start it will check for a save file, if not there, create it fresh --If the table is there, it loads it and Spawns everything that was saved. --The table is updated throughout mission play --The next time the mission is loaded it goes through all the Groups again and loads them from the save file.

--LIMITATIONS --I experienced issues Spawning Statics and Destroying statics in some configurations, so I'm exploding them and not deleting them like SGS.

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