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Single word (yes/no) site for app engine in go
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Single word (yes/no) site for app engine in go. Demo:

Uses basic auth for updating answer, to make it easy to wire up to IFTTT, Tasker, etc.

Uses fancy new (circa 7 years ago) responsive design, to scale based on screen size.


  1. Get your dev environment set up for GAE.
  2. Clone this repository, cd into the directory.
  3. cp app.yaml.example app.yaml
  4. Replace EXAMPLE_PASSWORD with your desired password.

Running locally

  1. Start the dev server: $ .
  2. Visit http://localhost:8080/

Your novelty server is ready to go. The answer is currently set to "no".

To change the answer to "yes", simply visit http://larry:EXAMPLE_PASSWORD@localhost:8080/yes

Running on appspot

  1. Follow the registration instuctions for GAE.
  2. Push the app: $ gcloud app deploy
  3. Visit http://$ to behold your new novelty server.

Deploying automatically with Cloud Build (optional)

I use Cloud Build to deploy this app to on push to this github repo. I do a little fiddling with sed and substitution variables in order to keep the password out of this repo.

  1. Follow the getting started guide for Cloud Build.
  2. Create a build trigger, specifying wherever you keep your copy of this repo.
  3. Choose "Cloud build configuration" and leave the path the default.
  4. In "Substitution variables" add _PASSWORD with whatever value you want.


novelty.go is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for more details.

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