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TheBigDB Javascript bindings.
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TheBigDB Javascript Wrapper

A simple javascript wrapper for making requests to the API of Full API documentation.


Copy the file lib/thebigjs.js.
Note that it is originally written in CoffeeScript, so you can also grab src/ if you wish.


First, initialize the TheBigDB object:

thebigdb = new TheBigDB;

Then make your requests, here is the structure:

thebigdb.Statement(action, parameters, successCallback, errorCallback);

[action] => String of the action as described in the API (e.g. "search", "show", ...)
[parameters] => Object. Request parameters as described in the API. Tip: Arrays like ["abc", "def"] will automatically be converted to {"0" => "abc", "1" => "def"}
[successCallback] => (Optional) Function. Will be executed if the request is successful (with the json value status="success") [errorCallback] => (Optional) Function. Will be executed if the request is not successful


    nodes: {property: "job", answer: "President of the United States"},
    period: {from: "2000-01-01 00:00:00", to: "2002-01-01 00:00:00"}
  }, function(data){
    console.log("Great Success!", JSON.stringify(data))

Will log something like:

Great Success! {
  "statements": [
    {"nodes":{"subject":"Bill Clinton","property":"job","answer":"President of the United States"}, "id":"8e6aec89", "period":{"from":"1993-01-20 12:00:00","to":"2001-01-20 12:00:00"}},
    {"nodes":{"subject":"George W. Bush","property":"job","answer":"President of the United States"}, "id":"3f276738", "period":{"from":"2001-01-20 12:00:00","to":"2009-01-20 12:00:00"}}

That's it!

Other Features

You can access other parts of the API in the same way as statements:

thebigdb.User(action, parameters, successCallback, errorCallback);

// Examples
thebigdb.User("show", {login: "christophe"}, function(data){ alert(data.user.karma) });

You can initialize the TheBigDB object with several configuration options, example:

thebigdb = new TheBigDB({
  apiKey: null,                  // your private api key *
  useSSL: false,                 // use https instead of http when querying the API
  beforeRequestExecution: null,  // function that will be executed before all requests
  afterRequestExecution: null,   // function that will be executed after all requests
  ajaxSuccessCallback: null,     // will be executed after a successful request *
  ajaxErrorCallback: null        // will be executed after a failed request *

// Notes:
// apiKey: Of course, since it's supposed to be private, you probably don't want to put it here for anyone else to see; You'll probably want to use a server-side wrapper instead.
// ajaxSuccessCallback: Will be executed just before a "success" callback on request
// ajaxErrorCallback: Will be executed just before a "error" callback on request


  • Don't hesitate to send a pull request !
  • CoffeeScript watcher: coffee --compile --watch --output lib/ src/


This software is distributed under the MIT License. Copyright (c) 2013, Christophe Maximin

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