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A new BedWars plugin for PocketMine-MP by XenialDan, frequently updated
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BedWars wide banner!


A new BedWars plugin by XenialDan


Set up an arena: Use the command /bw setup to open an ui, where you can add, create and modify arenas.

It allows you to create item spawners, set team spawn points, build in the world and create villager shops.

Remember to use /bw endsetup when you are done - it automatically saves and backs up the world.

There are {arenaname}.json files, where you can modify some settings like team damaging and breakable blocks.

Joining / Sign setup

Joining is done by using signs, but you can add any event for joining that you'd like - in JoinEventListener.php

Sign setup:

L1: [BedWars]
L2: mapname

Rewards and win messages

If you want to give rewards to the winning player/team, you can either listen for the WinEvent in any plugin, or use gamereward


  • Settings for villager shop (entity used, items)
  • Spectator mode
  • Scoreboard
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