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Spooky Stuff for Halloween
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Ever wanted to really scare your players?

Here you go!

This plugin will add the famously known "Slenderman" to your server to idle around at your main world.. until..

Tons of scary & loud sounds, sudden blindness and flashing screen, effects and slowness.. and make you shiver! Why? Well, you should never stare at Slenderman.. he will haunt you.


This plugin requires the skinapi virion or must be installed as .phar from Poggit Poggit Phar Download

The daylight circle of the world will be stopped and set to night

Slenderman can not be damaged. When looked at, he will randomly teleport onto a block he can stand on (Preferred blocks are PODZOL, STAINED_CLAY, DIRT, CONCRETE_POWDER, GRASS, GRASS_PATH, GRAVEL).

When nearby, he will look at the closest player.

Players affected will shake for some seconds.

Common issues & fixes

"gd not found" - gd must be in the PHP binarys and enabled!

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