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Warps in a UI, easily add and remove warps
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A warp and world teleport plugin that supports rotation and pitch.


  • Warps and Worlds can be listed in an UI, and players can teleport to them by clicking the buttons.
  • Colored warp names are supported
  • Rotation of the player (yaw + pitch) is saved for warps
  • There is a command to teleport to warps: /warpui teleport <warpname>
  • Clickable items that can open the warp & world ui
  • You can choose what items to use, rename them & disable them


Since Version 3.2.0 permissions for warps have been added. Those are in the following style: warpui.warp. + lowercase warp name, without colors. Same goes for worlds: + lowercase folder name without color codes

  • Warp Spawn: warpui.warp.spawn
  • World Plots: Command permissions:
  • WarpUI command: warpui.command.warpui
  • WorldUI command: Check plugin.yml for further permission information


  • Version 3.3.0: Permissions are now logically nested. If you used the plugin with an earlier version, you might have to fix your permission sets!
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