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Enseigne Moi API

Local dev setup

If using user enseigne_moi:

cp example.env .env
createdb -U enseigne_moi enseigne_moi
createdb -U enseigne_moi enseigne_moi_test

If your enseigne_moi user has a password be sure to set it in .env for all appropriate fields. Or if using a different user, update appropriately.

npm install
npm run migrate
env MIGRATION_DB_NAME=enseigne_moi_test npm run migrate

And npm test should work at this point

Configuring Postgres

For tests involving time to run properly, configure your Postgres database to run in the UTC timezone.

  1. Locate the postgresql.conf file for your Postgres installation.
    1. E.g. for an OS X, Homebrew install: /usr/local/var/postgres/postgresql.conf
    2. E.g. on Windows, maybe: C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\11.2\data\postgresql.conf
  2. Find the timezone line and set it to UTC:
# - Locale and Formatting -

datestyle = 'iso, mdy'
#intervalstyle = 'postgres'
timezone = 'UTC'
#timezone_abbreviations = 'Default'     # Select the set of available time zone


Start the application npm start

Start nodemon for the application npm run dev

Run the tests mode npm test

Run the migrations up npm run migrate

Run the migrations down npm run migrate -- 0