Odd bug with zoomy.js and transalte3d #101

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I use zoomy.js and swipe.js just below. A odd bug appear when the magnifying glass in bottom of my image, and when the bottom of magnifying glass touch the image use with swipe. The zoom freez and bug.

After somes investigation, I find the bug. In function slide, if i change

style.webkitTransform = 'translate3d(' + -(index * this.width) + 'px,0,0)';


style.webkitTransform = 'translate(' + -(index * this.width) + 'px,0)';

It's works fine.
I don't know why, and, okay, it's a bug very specific in this case. But why use translate3d for a "1D" translation ?

(PS: I can provide you an example to reproduce this bug, if you want)

EDIT: This bug is on last chrome (no bug in last firefox..)

thebird commented Aug 22, 2012

A 3d transition is used in order to send the processing to the graphics card. Only 3d transitions are offloaded to the graphics processor. This provides much smoother animations and transitions.

I also had to employ this same "fix" in order for the scrollbars on elements that I created to allow vertical scrolling (overflowY) in Chrome (21.0.1180.89 on WinXP) to render properly, otherwise it resulted in a weird "ghost of commodore64" appearance. Did not affect any other browsers.

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