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The New BIRN Site Running on the Wordpress Engine
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Welcome to the BIRN.

This is The BIRN v2.0.6, written by Luis Augusto and the Web Team from the BIRN. For more information, contact


This website was build on the Wordpress Engine, and gives credit to the following libraries and plugins:

About the Website

This website features a public side for audience members and listeners to tune into Berklee's Internet Radio Network, as well as a backend for current DJs to discuss and program content.

The Public Side

BIRN Main Site

The public side of the website is a very basic site that mainly shows recent news posts, the current show schedule, and a playlist history. Visitors can also see the blog and contact information for the BIRN. The Join Page is used for new members to apply to the BIRN, and the information found on that form is later sent to the Control Panel for management members to review their application.

The Member Side

BIRN Control Panel

The member side is known as the Control Panel, and it contains all of the core functionality of the website. On the front page, you can see a list of general posts directed to the members of the BIRN, as well as recently updated problem reports, a list of recruiting events, and a list of recent community and "This is Now" posts. The different sections of the control panel include:

  • Members: The Control Panel allows members to edit their profile information, such as social networks, DJ name, and DJ photo. Members with certain roles can also approve new member applications and add members to the organization. During the training period, trainers can check off training steps and update the progress of new members. All members also have a comments and strikes section where management members can mark others for their performance. Comments are only viewable by management members.
  • Shows: The biggest part of the Control Panel is show management. Members can use the website to propose new shows, modify current shows, enter in playlist information, and create show posts. Members with certain roles can also add shows to the calendar and schedule new members into training shows.
  • Posts: Allows members of the BIRN to create posts under different categories, such as General, New Music, Web Team, and This is Now. Only members with certain roles and priveledges can make posts in these categories, while the Community Forum can be used for all members. Everyone can comment on all posts.
  • Productions: A special page that allows the production team to recruit members for upcoming events. Management members of the production team can create a listing with a date along with other information, and they can check off the positions that are available for the event. Members can then apply to an event by selecting which roles they want to volunteer for, and a management member will go through the applications and select a team.

BIRN Productions

  • Problems: An internal ticketing system that is used to report any problems or issues within any of the departments for the BIRN, such as the studio or website. This is also used to gather feedback from members. Anyone can create a new ticket, but only managment members can close or modify them. Everyone can comment on all problem reports.
  • Content Editing: Management members with the appropriate roles can add and edit content found on the public side of the website
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