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Basic Batch File & Folder Renaming Tool
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A Basic .NET Batch File Renamer With Just A Few Options:

  • Multi-Threaded
  • Blazing Fast
  • Add, Replace, Remove Functions On Both Files And Folder
  • Capitalize, All Uppercase, All Lowercase Functions
  • Ability To Apply Changes On Subdirectories
  • Directory Indexer
  • Tiny (359KB) & Portable EXE File

To Do List:

  • Basic Functionality
  • UI Improvments
  • Threaded Tasks (To Prevent UI From Freezing)
  • Add Custom Character Replacment Mode
  • Bind Something To -Help- Button (Removed It)


TheRenamer v0.2

Build Info:

Name Value
.NET Framework Version 4.5.2
Platfrom Any CPU
Current Version 0.2
Last Update 25/6/2017
Creation Date 25/6/2017
Why? Because i often download albums and the namings are just not looking good and renaming them all manually is just... *sigh*
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