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DbVis Database Profile for CockroachDB
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DbVis Database Profile for CockroachDB


  • Database listing
    • Each database lists it's virtual schemas and their underlying system views
  • Sequence listing
    • View information about the sequence and see its source
  • Sequence actions
    • Create, alter, drop, and rename
  • Table listing
    • View columns, indexes, data, and source
  • Table actions
    • Drop and rename columns
  • View listing
    • View data and source
  • View actions
    • Drop and rename


  • DbVisualizer Pro (the free version does not support custom profiles)
  • CockroachDB 2.0


  • Place the profile in any directory.
  • Add the directory as a search path for Database Profile Paths in Preferences.
  • Restart DbVisualizer.
  • Create a connection using the PostgreSQL JDBC driver.
  • In the Properties tab for the connection, manually choose the database profile cockroachdb.
  • Connect to the database.
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