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Welcome to the source of /u/godwin_finder

About the source

This is the main script for commenting on submissions. You may use the code in this script for your own purpose but please do not simply make a copy of my bot and claim it as your own

This is the script for deleting negative karma comments. And ones with a reply of delete. I encrouage you to use this script in your own bots, and you can do what you want with it. No credit is neccesary

Main wiki page

This is the main wiki page (on reddit) for this bot

What is /u/godwin_finder ?

Godwin_finder is a bot that searches through all the top rated submissions and checks for a reference to the Nazis or Hitler in the comments. It will then post a reply to that comment stating how long it took for the post to acquire a comment that referenced Hitler.

What is the point ?

Godwin's Law states that, if an internet conversation goes on for long enough eventually Hitler or the Nazis will be referenced, no matter how unrelated the original subject of the post. This bot is here to test that 'law'.

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