ThebombzenAPI prerequisite for Thebombzen's mods
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ThebombzenAPI prerequisite for Thebombzen's mods

See for details.


Clone the repository, and then navigate to ThebombzenAPI and run:

$ ./

This will create the directory "build" which and all build supplies inside of it, and should create a finished ThebombzenAPI jar file upon completion.

On Windows? Sorry, you're on your own. I don't know how to write CMD Batch files.


Once you've run the buildscript at least once, you can go to Eclipse and select File -> Import -> Existing Projects to Workspace, and select ThebombzenAPI as the root project directory. If you have the Git plugin it should recognize ThebombzenAPI as a git respository.


The releases in the upper-right contain intermediary releases that don't bump the version number. This is to publish hotfixes without reminding everyone to update.