Automatically create GIFs from videos sized to the internet's liking
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Zen GIFr

Automatically Creates GIFs from Videos sized to the internet's liking. Sites like Tumblr or Imgur have a maximum GIF size of 2.0 MB, and Zen GIFr will automatically resize it as close as it can to that threshold.

The main website and description for Zen GIFr is at the Github Pages page:

Warning: Zen GIFr is still in its early stages of development. The UI is a bit clunky and there WILL be undiscovered bugs.


See for details.


Submit a bug report or pull request here to submit bugs/patches. Alternatively, you could go to #zengifr on freenode, where I'll be around to answer questions.

Known Problems

  • The user interface is somewhat unintuitive, with the text explanation right next to the controls and weird word wrap.
  • There's no "how to use" instructions. I need to add a help window explaining the features.
  • If you nudge the sliders very quickly sometimes the screenshots will come up in the wrong order.

Compilation From Source

See for details.


Feel free! I'll review pull requests you send here.