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[Example 10]( This example generates a random map, and you can move your @ around with the arrow keys. It is the first example to use the Entity-Component-System (ECS) provided by RLTK; it makes for a relatively straightforward and modern way to design a roguelike - with very little code, we have the basics of wandering around a map. Note: message passing isn't implemented yet; when it is - this example will be even smaller!
### Example 11: REXPaint support (
![RexPaint]( "RexPaint")
[Example 10]( This example is basically Hello World, but with a REX Paint image loaded (Nyan Cat) and displayed.
## Example
The goal is to keep it simple from the user's point of view. The following code is enough to setup an ASCII terminal,
and display **Hello World** with a frame-rate displayed (around 100 FPS on my workstation):
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