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Intercept and decrypt all snapchats received over your network


Installing is easy:

pip install snapception 

Starting it is easy too:

snapception --help
Usage: snapception [OPTIONS]

  -v, --verbose        Enable logging
  -vv, --very-verbose  Include mitmdump in logging
  -o, --output TEXT    Specify output directory (Default is ~/snaps)
  --help               Show this message and exit.

Configuring it is also pretty easy:

  1. Configure your device to use a proxy pointing to Port 8080 of the host computer
  2. Install a CA on your device by visiting once connected to the proxy
  3. Watch all the Snapchats you receive over the network become available on your computer

Isn't this just SnapSave/SnapBox/SnapSomething?

Nope. Those require you to authenticate with Snapchat's backend by giving the third party your username and password. Snapception, on the other hand, intercepts all snapchats received over the network so long as the receiving device is connected to the computer running Snapception via a proxy. Those applications also require you to manually login and save your snapchat before officially opening it; Snapception automatically intercepts, decrypts, and saves your received snaps.

What's your aim? Privacy invasion? World domination?

Nope. I just created this to call attention to a security vulnerability that's been present in Snapchat for over a year. Did you know they use one, hardcoded key for all video and image encryption?

Anyway, for Snapception to intercept your snapchats, you must be connected to the computer via a proxy and have installed its CA, so someone can't just intercept your snapchats if you merely are using their network.

What's the technology stack behind Snapception?

Glad you asked! The core of my script is basically a glorified event handler built on top of mitmdump, a highly extensible and easily scriptable man-in-the-middle proxy server. Besides the event handler I built a basic command line interface using click, which both launched mitmdump and glued together its custom event handler.

I would not have been able to build Snapception without the decryption ruby script by AJ Jenkins, who in turn based it upon the code written by Amelia Cuss. My code expands upon theirs in that in automatically intercepts the encrypted snapchats before decrypting them whereas before the encrypted snapchats would have to manually be obtained some other way.

Can I contribute?

Please! Feel free to submit any pull requests. I whipped this application up in less than a day, so there is bound to be some bugs, missing features, or hastily written code.


Intercept and decrypt all snapchats received over your network




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