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ARG-Bot Galaxy Photo

A Discord bot designed to help ARGs


  • /help for a list of commands
  • /base64encode or /base64decode for Base 64 Encoding or Decoding
  • /base32encode or /base32decode for Base32 Encoding or Decoding
  • /morseencode or /morsedecode for Morse Code Encoding or Decoding
  • /binaryencode or /binarydecode for Binary Encoding or Decoding
  • /asciiencode or /asciidecode for Text to ASCII Decimal or vice versa
  • /atbash for At-bash Encode and Decode
  • /rotate for Rot13 Encode and Decode
  • /reverse for Reversing Text
  • /uppercase for returning only the capital letters in a string
    • eg. Finna make one of these In the future GUys! it's gonna be gREat tbh. bit O bUTane should do THE trick. can anyone tell me how i'm Supposed TO do this btw? i'd love to give it a Real college trY. becomes FIGURE OUT THE STORY
  • /wikipedia to Search Wikipedia
  • /anagram for Finding English Anagrams


If you would like to support this project, please suggest changes/ideas in the support server or on Github Issues and vote for this bot.


Made by Bruce C with help from Max Rumsey