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Welcome to the Criollo wiki! It contains further development resources and guides. Check them out below:

Getting Started

This article describes how to build a basic standalone Criollo app starting from scratch. It covers, creating the Xcode project, adding Criollo and sending a simple response.

Doing More Stuff

(This article is missing some content)

This article looks at next-steps to take to make the app closer to a real-world usage scenario. The article describes how to serve static files, manipulate cookies, using the server delegate to add unobtrusive logging and handling clean startup and shutdown.


This article shows how to deploy your app to a server and integrate it with the host machine’s launchd daemon.

Since the project is in continuous development, there might be small inconsistencies, between the Wiki articles and the codebase, typically regarding links to code blocks. If you spot of these, please feel free to correct it and submit a pull-request.

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