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My code for STM32F429ZI-Discovery, which includes: a digital PLL, for
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microController (μC): STM32F429ZI-Discovery IDE: μVision V5.13.0.0

Code includes:

  • essential initializations of TIMERs, GPIOs, ADCs, DMA
  • DQ Transformation and a digital 3-Phase PLL, for grid synchronization
  • 9 measurements, Vabc, Iabc, Pref, Qref, VCII, by utilizing the 3 available ADCs and the DMA peripheral ( * )
  • 5 PI Controllers for driving the system to the desired state
  • SVPWM Technique for controlling the IGBTs
  • other functions for signal compensation

Repository also includes all the essential libraries.

Full Documentation of the system @ (site-is-coming-soon)

( * )

  • Vabc: grid voltages
  • Iabc: currents exiting our system and entering the grid
  • Pref: reference point for active power
  • Qref: reference point fot reactive power
  • VCII: voltage of the DC Bus - Inverters input


Full project available upon request

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