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Free Perl, Java, PHP Anti Crawling and HTTP Anti Flood Protection

This Github will release some nice tools written in Perl, PHP and Java concerning HTTP Flood Protection, Web Crawling Enhancements, Basic HTTP and HTTPS Security all bundled in one GitHub Archive. The Tools are free to use, modify, and exchange with your friends. 

The following two tools are available for download from the github archive
2. iosec.php

Number 1 is a perl script that is going to parse your webserver logs for
real bots (google,bing,msn,etc) and gathering there real ip via reverse dns
lookup into a goodlist.txt. this goodlist then can be used by iosec.php to
be included to allow these valid bots your full access to your page and
blocking other fake crawlers from your site with the help of iosec.

Number 2  is a patched iosec.php file that is being added a ref blocker. you
can give a list of valid refs and the rest ref connections to your website
are being blocked.

you can detect with Perl and PHP if an user that visits your webiste has mobile capabilities or not. Please check it out on Cpan
Perl Mirrors and download & change at your will. Happy Hacking, friends!