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Sencha Touch 2.0 MVC application test with NestedList component.

Known issues: TOUCH-2665 (for now fixed by override App.Tabfix)

version 1.0
- Rewrited from scratch. 
- Application structure created with 'sencha' command (from Sencha Touch 2.0 SDK Tools). 
- Contains configuration for deployment with 'sencha' command
- New feature: routes for tabs, nodes and leafs

version 0.6
Sample rewrited according to current version of ST2 (Beta 1)

version 0.5:
Refactoring. Now more simpler. Product listed in NestedList and product details 
displays as Form.Panel. No critical errors, some [DEPRECATE] warnings 
(depends on current version of ST)

version 0.4.1:
Clearer application structure. Event handlers are transferred to the controller.
Now, more accurately matches the architecture of ST2 MVC. 
But the error "has no method 'isLeaf'" is present, and yet 
I have no idea how to fix it. Need help.

version 0.4:
Products in data.json + detailCard with Products list for nested leafs.
Error occured if tap on products list
(Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'isLeaf')
Need to dig deeper...

version 0.3:
WOW! It works! Wait for some cool features in next version.

version 0.2: 
Changed structure. NestedList now is item of TabPanel on Viewport.
NestedList now works but weird.

version 0.1: 
NestedList not worked :)))