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Sample SPFx web part used as part of my Getting Started with SPFx talk.
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My Special Web Part

This is a sample SPFx web part used in conjunction with my Getting Started with the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) talk. You can find the relevant slides (with some instructions in the notes) here:

Building the code

You can either clone it with fancy git commands, or just use the download zip button in the top-right. Once you do, from a command line in the directory fun these commands (This will require you to have NodeJS and gulp installed which you would if you were doing SPFx development).

npm install
gulp serve

This will show the webpart in the local workbench (which will only pull mock lists). You'll need to go to an actual tenant site and append _layouts/15/workbench.aspx to get to the online workbench.

Other Stuff

Feel free to use or adapt this web part for whatever. It's really not a production ready app is only designed to illustrate a few key things:

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