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List View Client Side Rendering (JSLink) Primer

The sample code and the tutorial write-up demonstrate basic client side rendering for List View web parts using the JS Link property. csrShim is not used/required in this tutorial. The goal is to simply provide a brief overview, basic extension points, and a simple to follow example.

The hope is that developers unfamiliar with this programming model can quickly get up to speed.

By the end of the tutorial, you should know:

  • The basics of CSR
  • Templates and Events available when using CSR
  • CSR Best Practices

Example Files

  • HallOfFame.js - A JSLink file to use in the tutorial
  • HallOfFame.xml - A PnP provisioning template that can be used to setup the list used in the tutorial (manual steps are provided, but this is a nice shortcut if you are familiar with PnP)
  • - This file, wow!

Required csrShim Files

  • None! This is just basic CSR (JSLink)


The tutorial is provided as a series of blog posts:

  1. An Introduction to Client Side Rendering
  2. Benefits of Client Side Rendering
  3. Getting Started
  4. List View Extension Points
  5. Client Side Rendering Best Practices