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This commit reunites almost all rtf forks on github.
Excuse me for exclude Jeweler support, but for me is easier to maintain hoe with git support.

clbustos and others added some commits Apr 12, 2010
@clbustos clbustos Veamos que pasa f069771
@clbustos clbustos Pull for v0.3 2792317
@clbustos clbustos Unicode encodings of texts using \uN 98f4773
@vjt vjt Changed pointers and name into the Rakefile 336e4ec
@vjt vjt Removed and ignored the gemspec and the pkg dir 594ee20
@vjt vjt Added the #subscript helper ae048a8
@vjt vjt Version bump to 0.3.1 a796806
@vjt vjt README -> README.rdoc 7200bac
@vjt vjt README: reworded a bit to remove some verbosity d44c38a
@vjt vjt Added the strike helper to the CommandNode class 6be9f35
@clbustos clbustos Added paths to .gitignore fbbd80f
@clbustos clbustos Mergen and updated from vjt fork 5f3a586
@vjt vjt README: fixed RTF::Font usage e068268
@vjt vjt Lists: initial implementation of listtable header generation 23a16bb
@vjt vjt Node: stubbed out paragraph generation into a new ParagraphNode 552d261
@vjt vjt Lists: wrote the API bridge between Nodes and Lists fe70373
@vjt vjt Node: cleaned up the generic to_rtf, added the .wrap option to the co…
@vjt vjt Lists: refactored and cleaned up the API a bit d20c6e3
@vjt vjt Lists: wrote minimal object model test 1d3a1ab
@vjt vjt Lists: removed last StringIO occurrences in new code d87e25c
@vjt vjt Lists: Decimal: fixed marker name generation: it must contain the dot 4887baf
@vjt vjt Lists: Decimal: quick&dirty implementation of sequential numbering e9ed212
@vjt vjt README 86bf64c
@vjt vjt Version bump to 0.4.0 799176f
@vjt vjt Code documentation cc93cc5
@vjt vjt Lists: add a newline before every new list 8e7fb0c
@vjt vjt Links: implemented hyperlinks e1d4119
@vjt vjt README 39f2c63
@vjt vjt Version bump to 0.4.1 d580c4a
@jasonl jasonl Fix bug causing TextNode.to_rtf to return nil under 1.8.7 5dcba15
@clbustos clbustos Merge branch 'vjt' 93f3cde
@clbustos clbustos Merge branch 'jasonl' 7b4eb18
@clbustos clbustos Tests run undes Ruby 1.9.2+ 5ac7e99
@clbustos clbustos CHANGES e0bfc38
@clbustos clbustos Version bump to 0.4.2 887cea8
@clbustos clbustos Added test for utf8. Test load implementation of rtf library on same …
…path first
@clbustos clbustos Changed build framework from jeweler to hoe 52eddba
@clbustos clbustos Finished port to hoe ee4471b
@vjt vjt Ignores: cleaned up 0384971
@vjt vjt Gem: changed name and generated gemspec 125aa3e
@vjt vjt Cleanup: remove executable bit a48418c
@vjt vjt Converters: HTML: imported @panmind source previously published on gi…
@vjt vjt Converters: HTML: rewrote without polluting nokogiri 06b5378
@vjt vjt Converters: HTML: whitespace 8cc0757
@vjt vjt Converters: HTML: fixed a traversing bug 268cbd5
@vjt vjt Converters: HTML: carriage returns are not spaces in RTF 4238bfc
@vjt vjt Gem: update authors list ab9755d
@vjt vjt Gem: add nokogiri dependency (sucks, I know) 7a763cb
@vjt vjt Converters: HTML: add tidy cleaning (and the tidy dependency of course) 4a2f6a9
@vjt vjt Converters: require them via require "rtf/converters" 22d33b7
@vjt vjt README 7a383c0
@vjt vjt Gem: rename into ifad-rtf d69d89a
@vjt vjt Whoops - remove debug puts - sorry :) 9b66ce2
@vjt vjt Merge branch 'master' of
* 'master' of
  Whoops - remove debug puts - sorry :)
@vjt vjt Converters: HTML: reduce headings font sizes - should be parametrized 75cbdc5
@vjt vjt Converters: HTML: add H4 support 3a85341
@vjt vjt Converters: HTML: fix excess space bug b3d57cc
@revelationops revelationops improve speed and memory use of ImageNode#to_rtf ddd8bef
@revelationops revelationops refactor to close and open ImageNode file only when needed 0901e31
@revelationops revelationops refactor to use a Constant for ImageNode dimensions reading rather th…
…an passing values around
@revelationops revelationops block syntax for ImageNode#open_file 682af5c
@whoahbot whoahbot Fixing rtf files to work with tempfiles opened from s3 b416325
@murbanski murbanski Some pictures are not properly scaled without \picwgoal and \pichgoal 09d40f2
@iamvery iamvery Updated README; Use name-spaced class invocations instead of includin…
…g RTF module; Open file with 'w'

I thought adding the 'w' to your `` was a bit clearer since doing it exactly as you've shown will 
usually fail since in all likelihood the user doesn't have an empty file by that name in their current dir.
@clbustos clbustos Updated test file names 9a13c4d
@clbustos clbustos Merged thechrisoshow branch dd9a05a
@clbustos clbustos Merged ifad/vjt fork 75cb7cf
@clbustos clbustos Merged image changes (thank, folks) 1f7d442
@clbustos clbustos Merge branch 'patch-1' of into iamvery…
@clbustos clbustos + Images properly aligned with \picwgoal and \pichgoal 8b174cf
@clbustos clbustos Updated to v0.5.0 71febf8
@clbustos clbustos * Make code more ruby-esque, using !,#nil? and unless instead or var=…
…=false, var==nil and if !
@thechrisoshow thechrisoshow merged commit 21637c9 into thechrisoshow:master Jan 9, 2012

I merged this request without doing a detailed analysis, but found a few issues.

1) There's now two README files (README.rdoc and README.txt)
2) Running any rake command assumes that hoe is installed (you shouldn't need hoe installed if you're just running the tests)
3) The hoe configuration refers to a specific rubyforge file (~/.rubyforge/user-config.yml)
4) My version of hoe failed with the configuration (i.e. it didn't recognise 'git_log_author')
5) The default rake command was removed for running the tests
6) The gemspec was named to ifad-rtf rather than just plain rtf.

I've fixed these issues in commit 76859c0 - however I removed all of the hoe user details.

@clbustos I suggest you put the hoe configuration back in, but allow it to work more generically


1) I have to make a decision about that. Some users really want to bring support for github markdown, and other want (like me) prefers rdoc support. Maybe an automatic post-hook script do the trick on server
2 & 5) I get it. Hoe comes along with test methods, so I deleted the task
3) I will take a look at it
4) Oh, sorry! Comes from a patch to hoe-git.


I like the idea of this fix, but here's an issue I ran across...

Say you have HTML as such:

<p>This is a <em>test</em>.</p>

This would be rendered as:

This is atest.

I cannot come up with any way to allow space between nodes at all! All text is stripped of leading/trailing space. Ideas?

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