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How to start using:

On NPM so installation is a simple as npm install -g clogcat

Or clone the repo and use npm install -g in the repo root.

Then simple usage is:

$ clogcat


This is tool for debug android applications in color. Like Cyanogenmod (and possibly others) do by default. It becomes impossible to live without. If possible use the -C flag on the native adb logcat command (a la cyanogenmod) and not this tool, as it can handle the "raw" format which this cannot.

General Logcat Hint: Familiarity with the filterspec use to filter logs will make your life SO MUCH EASIER. Use it!


Forked from original logcat by © Spirin Vladimir and almost completely rewritten.

  • removed express dependency (and webserver) - I don't need a http view of this data.

  • changed handling of colors to match log levels by logcat's own Priority markers.

  • pass commandline args to adb and/or logcat. (also, adb args if you include "logcat" in your own args) e.g.

      $ logcat -s <serial> logcat -v long
      >>> Running: adb -s <serial> logcat -v long <<<
      $ logcat -v long
      >>> Running: adb logcat -v long <<<