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The City PlugIn Helper


Insert script in page anywhere after jQuery, then:

  subdomain: 'www',    //Change this to your City subdomain
  useSSL: false,       //Whether or not your plugin uses SSL
  extra: 50,           //Extra number of pixels to expand iFrame height to 
                       //(newHeight= documentHeight + extra)
  refresh: 250,        //How often to check for new documentHeight, 0 to disable,
  forceResize: false  //By default the plugin doesn't resize if the height is within
                      //85px of the last time it was called. Set to true to override


The plugin tries to avoid situations where it is infinitely expanding the page but it could still happen. Just call the plugin with refresh: 0 to disable the automatic loops and call it manually after you've changed the iFrame's content.