Ansible script to provision our OS X machines.
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The Clymb Development Environment

We love getting new machines, but we hate dealing with the error-prone setup. What if we could eliminate the tedium in setting up a machine and ensure every developer has the same set of packages?

Enter Ansible.

Ansible is an automation tool like Chef, except significantly easier to use. Everything is written in simple YAML and run from the shell.

Let's get started!

NOTE: The following is for OS X only. If you are using Ubuntu, check out Jon-Michael's setup.


  1. Copy your ~/.ssh directory from your old machine over to your new machine (don't have one? follow this section)
  2. Update your OS to the latest version
  3. Install OS X CLI tools
  4. Install Homebrew
  5. Install XQuartz
  6. From a terminal: brew update && brew install ansible
  7. Clone this repo: mkdir -p ~/src && cd src; git clone
  8. Provision! cd ~/src/devel-env; ansible-playbook -i hosts mac.yml
  9. Clone theclymb repo somewhere on your computer and change to that directory: cd ~/src && git clone
  10. cd ~/src/theclymb && bundle -j4
  11. Follow the rest of the setup documented in theclymb's wiki
  12. Eat a crownie.

Once this completes, you will have Ruby, MySQL, and any other utilities setup.


  • Separate out OS-specific dependencies
  • Add clymb-specific repo setup