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Introduction to Testing

Last reviewed 15 March 2019 by Crispin Read


A general introduction to testing for web development. We'll be looking at what different sorts of testing there are, why we test, what we test and how we test. We'll also look at how to develop a test plan and how to test websites practically, usefully and well.


At the end of this training you will be able to:

  1. Understand the importance of testing
  2. Understand different types of testing
  3. Create a front-end test plan

Learner Requirements

  1. Understanding of front-end web development


  1. What Testing is
  2. What Testing isn't
  3. Types of Testing
  4. Creating a Test Plan
    1. Tools
    2. Audience
    3. Scope
    4. Support levels
  5. How to report


  1. Add testing terms to glossary
  2. Create Test plan for your blog

Further Tasks

  1. Create a test plan for something at work

Resources / Reference

  1. Slides: Intro to Testing
  2. Slides: Creating a Test Plan
  3. Template: Test Plan
  4. Ministry of Testing: What is Software testing?
  5. Software Testing Club: So What Is Testing ?
  6. Smashing Magazine: How To Create Your Own Front-End Website Testing Plan
  7. What Is Software Testing: Definition, Types, Methods, Approaches
  8. Tutorialspoint: Agile Testing
  9. Code Project: What are the different types of testing?
  10. Test Institute: Testing Roles and Responsibilities
  11. Software Testing Fundamentals: Differences Between Black Box Testing and White Box Testing

Notes for trainers

  1. Intro to Testing - Trainer Notes
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