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Archive of the weekly EMC {code} Newsletter

Each week, the EMC {code} newsletter brings todgether a mix of industry news, suggested learning, new projects from EMC {code} and interesting new projects from across the EMC {code} community.

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EMC {code} Newsletter Archive

  • Week 10/6/2015 - Docker volume drivers, blameless postmortems and new training videos
  • Week of 9/29/2015 - Docker 1.9, REX-Ray, Experimental Extensions and State of DevOps
  • Week of 9/15/2015 - CodeCommunity is growing, REX-Ray 0.2 released
  • Week of 9/8/2015 - The Open Roadmap, VMworld 2015, and new open source projects
  • Week of 8/31/2015 - ContainerDays NYC and Run your stateful apps with Mesos and Docker
  • Week of 8/17/2015 - ContainerCon, Docker Global Hack Days, and Kinetic from the Linux Foundation
  • Week of 8/4/2015 - storage plug-ins for #docker, Puppet-VNX and national Sys Admin day
  • Week of 7/27/2015 - 25th issue! Top 25 code projects and OSCON recap.
  • Week of 7/13/2015 - Welcoming Cloud Foundry developer evangelist Stormy Peters, GopherCon recap, and what community means.
  • Week of 7/6/2015 - #GopherCon, #ContainerCon and other #DevOps newsletters you can't miss
  • Week of 6/30/2015 - CodeCommunity, DockerCon Hachathon, DevOps training videos, Hot Container Startups, Bi-Modal IT
  • Week of 6/23/2015 - DockerCon, Flocker, Project Rex-Ray,, DevOps/Containers/ModernDev/, DevOps Survey Results
  • Week of 6/16/2015 - DockerCon, CoprHD + Vagrant, Python Developers in BusinessWeek, vStriker, DevOps/Containers/ModernDev/, Facebook + Open Source
  • Week of 6/09/2015 - ContainerDays Boston, CoprHD Open Source, DevOps/Containers/ModernDev/, Tips for Operational Efficiency
  • Week of 6/02/2015 - DockerCon, MosaicMe, DevOps/Containers/ModernDev/OpenSource, Tips for Speaking at Developer Events
  • Week of 5/26/2015 - OpenStack Summit review, Helios Burn, DevOps/Containers/ModernDev
  • Week of 5/19/2015 - Project CoprHD, OpenStack Summit preview, Cloud Foundry Summit review, DevOps/Containers/ModernDev
  • Week of 5/11/2015 - EMC World Review & Presentations, Project RexRay & Dogged, DevOps/Containers/ModernDev, LearnNode/Anti-Patterns
  • Week of 5/07/2015 - Tweeting Photobooth, CoprHD Project, OpenSource/Containers/ModernApps/, Coding Bootcamps
  • Week of 4/28/2015 - EMC Code SaaS Tools, Project Qurt, Containers/DevOps/ModernApps, Spring and GitHub Training
  • Week of 4/21/2015 - Boston DevOps, XSnapCourier, DevOps/Containers/OpenSource/ModernApps, DevOps+Business
  • Week of 4/14/2015 - DevOps @ EMCW Speakers, ViprPy, Containers/MicroServices/PaaS, Learn Git + DevOps Days
  • Week of 4/07/2015 - GeekWeek Training, CF on OpenStack, DevOps/Containers/Kubernetes/OpenSource, Infographics and Network Automation
  • Week of 3/31/2015 - Tinder for EMC {code}, DevOps @ EMC World, Automate XtremIO, DevOps/Containers/ModernApps/KidsCoding, Dzone Developer Programs
  • Week of 3/23/2015 - Conference Season, EMC CloudFoundry Dojo, DevOps/Kubernetes/AppDev/OpenStack, OpenHatch
  • Week of 3/16/2015 - Arrowhead, Matt Cowger (DevHigh5), DevOps/Containers/AppDev/OpenStack, Project Euler
  • Week of 3/09/2015 - GoAir, Docker Hackday in Boston, Containers/DevOps/OpenSourceCommunities, Learn Java and ByteSized DevOps
  • Week of 3/02/2015 - Node.js vs. Go, Brandon Kvarda (DevHigh5), OpenStack/Docker/DevOps/ApacheMesos, Learn GirlDevelopIt
  • Week of 2/23/2015 - Analytics Dashboards, Chris Wahl (DevHigh5), Microservices/Containers/DevOps, Learn Python
  • Week of 2/16/2015 - s3motion, Denis Janot (DevHigh5), OpenStack/Docker/DevOps/CloudFoundry, O'Reilly Training
  • Week of 2/09/2015 - VagrantSpice, Sean Cummins (DevHigh5), Docker/DevOps/OpenStack, Learn Git & Ruby