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Team Charter

Enable Dell Technologies to be relevant in the DevOps and open source communities through contribution, engagement, and technical solution leadership.

We do this by:

  1. Contributing to meaningful OSS projects
  2. Creating new thought leading OSS applications
  3. Driving awareness of OSS opportuntities with product teams
  4. Participating in relevant community engagement projects
  5. Acting in the interest of building a community Repos

Projects that are held under a {code} by Dell EMC repo are qualified based on certain specifications. It is likely that these projects are either {code} generated or have graduated through our DevHigh5 process. Here are the general guidelines.

  1. Governance is in place
  • Two LGTM comments are required for a PR merge
  • A {code} core team member is a maintainer
  1. Ensuring a seamless developer experience
  • Github Flow model
  • Clear documentation
  • Continuous integration
  • Simple demonstration capabilities
  1. Aligned to focus areas
  • Containers and Persistence
  • Dell EMC as {code}
  • OSS and DevOps
  1. Has strategic relevance

OSS Projects



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