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Training modules from EMC {code}

Welcome to the official training modules from the {code} team. Here we will maintain all of our training material that we build ranging from general 101 level topics through advanced hands on workshops.


Here you will find all the DevOps-related quarterly accreditation training that we have created for EMC SEs and the general public.

DevOps GeekWeek

This is a 5-day class that Jonas Rosland and Matt Cowger are giving to interested individuals within EMC that want to go deeper and get hands on with developing applications in an Agile manner, focusing on 12-factor rules and running them on a Cloud Native platform.

Docker Workshops

These are a collection of comprehensive workshops including Docker platform tools ranging from introductory topics with advanced concepts including storage and networking.


Github Twitter
@jrosland Jonas Rosland
@mcowger Matt Cowger
@kacole2 Kendrick Coleman