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TheCodingMachine Best practices

Why this website?

At TheCodingMachine we write code. We read code too... a lot. This is because we use GIT and "pull-requests". For each project, the code has to be reviewed by someone before being pushed to the main branch. Very often, code reviewers are making the same comments, over and over. Hence the idea to create a website about our best practices.

If you ever come to work with us, know that we will expect your code to follow the best practices described in this website. And if you are simply a PHP developer looking for best practices, we are happy to share those with you.

We believe that a best practice is only worthwhile if we know why it is a best practice. So for each rule stated in this website, there is also the comment explaining why you should code this way and not otherwise.

Work in progress

We are in the process of writing our best practices... and there are many. So stay tuned for more tips to come!