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A PHP package analyzer for Composer/Packagist. This is the code of the website.


Packanalyst requires a MongoDB database and an ElasticSearch database.


  • Clone the application from the Git repository
  • Run php composer.phar install

Configuring Packanalyst

Packanalyst is an application based on Mouf 2. After installing, you can configure the application by opening http://[yourserver]/[app_path]/vendor/mouf/mouf.

  • Create a user / password to access the Mouf UI.
  • In the Mouf UI, click on "Project > Edit configuration"
  • Edit each parameter (usually, the default parameter will be OK).

In case of troubles, refer to the Mouf installation guide

Initializing the database

Once Packanalyst is configured, you must set up the databases (MongoDB and ElasticSearch indexes are configured at this step).

  • Init the databases: ./console.php reset

Loading the database with data

The ./console.php is a CLI based interface to Packanalyst that lets you load some or all packages from Packanalyst.

Here is a list of some common commands:

  • ./console.php run: Runs the fetching of ALL packages from Packanalyst. This is a VERY long process (it will take about a month), and therefore, is only meant to be fully run on Packanalyst production server. You can still use this command on your local development environment to fetch a few packages to perform tests. The run command accepts parameters:
    • ./console.php run --package="mouf/mouf" will load only mouf/mouf package (useful for testing)
    • ./console.php run --retry will force retrying packages that were considered in error
    • ./console.php run --force will force reloading a package, even if it has not been modified since last check
  • ./console.php reset: deletes all data and restores indexes
  • ./console.php get-scores: retrieves the number of downloads from each package from Packagist
  • ./console.php force-refresh will mark each package for "force retrying" on the next "run"

MongoDB implementation details

MongoDB item collection:

	"name": "FQDN",
	"inherits": [ FQDN1, FQDN2... ],
	"globalInherits": [ FQDN1, FQDN2... ], // inherits + inherits of parents, recursively
	"type": "class",
	"packageName": "packagename",
	"packageVersion": "version",
	"phpDoc": "doc class",
	"refresh": bool // Set to true to force refresh
index on: packageName + packageVersion
index on: name
index on: inherits
index on: globalInherits

MongoDB package collection:

	packageName: ""
	version: ""
	type: ""
	releaseDate: date
	downloads: int
	favers: int

Packanalyst uses Grunt

Here is the documentation : Grunt documentation

Quick use :

  1. First install NodeJS and add it to your PATH
  2. Go to src/views, here are your Gruntfile.js & package.json. Download your dependencies by using command : npm install
  3. Now you can use grunt by using grunt or grunt dev


Packanalyst is a service that let's you browse in any PHP class / interface / trait defined in Packagist



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