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The Fastest Directory Crawler & Globber for NodeJS

The Fastest: Nothing similar (in the NodeJS world) beats fdir in speed. It can easily crawl a directory containing 1 million files in < 1 second.

💡 Stupidly Easy: fdir uses expressive Builder pattern to build the crawler increasing code readability.

🤖 Zero Dependencies*: fdir only uses NodeJS fs & path modules.

🕺 Astonishingly Small: < 2KB in size gzipped & minified.

🖮 Hackable: Extending fdir is extremely simple now that the new Builder API is here. Feel free to experiment around.

* picomatch must be installed manually by the user to support globbing.


Do you like this project? Support me by donating, creating an issue, becoming a stargazer, or opening a pull request. Thanks.

🚄 Quickstart


You can install using npm:

$ npm i fdir

or Yarn:

$ yarn add fdir


import { fdir } from "fdir";

// create the builder
const api = new fdir().withFullPaths().crawl("path/to/dir");

// get all files in a directory synchronously
const files = api.sync();

// or asynchronously
api.withPromise().then((files) => {
  // do something with the result here.


Documentation for all methods is available here.

📊 Benchmarks:

Please check the benchmark against the latest version here.

🙏Used by:

fdir is downloaded over 100k+ times a week by projects around the world. Here's a list of some notable projects using fdir in production:

Note: if you think your project should be here, feel free to open an issue. Notable is anything with a considerable amount of GitHub stars.

  1. mdn/yari
  2. streetwriters/notesnook
  3. zhangdaren/miniprogram-to-uniapp
  4. imba/imba
  5. moroshko/react-scanner
  6. netlify/build
  7. FredKSchott/snowpack*
  8. yassinedoghri/astro-i18next
  9. immich-app/CLI
  10. selfrefactor/rambda
  • snowpack has since been discontinued.


Copyright © 2023 Abdullah Atta under MIT. Read full text here.