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10 murray/index.js
@@ -118,11 +118,11 @@ exports.getForm = function(res,options){
var forms = [];
var formType = options.ctype;
forms.forms = ctype[formType].form;
- console.log(forms);
- substitute(htmlTemplate,forms,function(html){
- res.writeHead(200,{'Content-Type':'text/html'});
- res.end(html);
- });
+ console.log(forms);
+ substitute(htmlTemplate,forms,function(html){
+ res.writeHead(200,{'Content-Type':'text/html'});
+ res.end(html);
+ });
* Create Post
@@ -19,4 +19,27 @@ after you enter mongo:
And you should be all set! Mongo should create everything else you need as you go along.
-If you run into any problems create an issue at
+If you run into any problems create an issue at
+## Content types
+Murray comes with a 'blogpost' content type already setup for you. It is in the ./murray/ctypes folder. If you add another .js file, and use blogpost as a template, you can make other content types. Unfortuneatly, you can only use text, no files yet. You should be able to make a copy and then play around with what you can do as far as extra fields and views.
+## Plugins
+This folder will eventually hold any add-ons that someone would want to write that lay on top of Murray.
+ - HTML processor (jade, markdown)
+ - CSS handling (adding bits of css to template, or processing SASS)
+ - extending admin interface
+All of these have not been built yet, but would be really cool right?
+## Theme
+Right now, the theme folder only holds a template.html file that all of the other parts get put into right before the response is sent back.
+The next step is to allow for the template.html file be split up into sidebar.html and footer.html that would extend template. I also want to add an event loop to allow for jade or markdown plugins.

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