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Transport in China

The 26 km Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link Hong Kong section opens for commercial operation.

The first ever bullet train from Hong Kong to China departed Sunday, as the city's controversial high-speed rail link opened to the public amid fears greater integration with the mainland could lead to ever more encroachment by Beijing in semi-autonomous Hong Kong's affairs.

MV ''Nyerere'' sinking

The death toll of the MV "Nyerere" sinking in Lake Victoria, Tanzania, rises to 224. Several are still missing.

A man survives in an air pocket in a Lake Victoria ferry that overturned two days ago, killing 207.


The Post-Truth and the Context

Most of the daily information we see on the mainstream media today is the news equivalent of fast-food.



The Japanese space agency JAXA announces that a pair of 18 cm tall robots successfully landed on asteroid Ryugu.

JAXA announced Saturday (Sept. 22) that two tiny hoppers had made it safely onto the surface of the asteroid Ryugu.

China-Holy See relations

The Vatican signs a provisional agreement with China on the process used to appoint bishops, a breakthrough after years of contentious negotiations on the management of Catholic leadership in the communist country.

The breakthrough follows contentious negotiations on the management of Catholic leadership in the communist country.


The death toll of a cholera outbreak in Yobe and Borno, Nigeria, rises to 97.

More than 3,000 cholera cases have been recorded in the states of Yobe and Borno, says the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

MV ''Nyerere'' sinking

The death toll of the MV "Nyerere" sinking in Lake Victoria, Tanzania, rises to 207. Several are still missing.

A man survives in an air pocket in a Lake Victoria ferry that overturned two days ago, killing 207.

Pope Francis

Pope Francis arrives in Vilnius, Lithuania, on his visit to the Baltic States.

Pope Francis will arrive in Vilnius, Lithuania, on Sept. 22. During his first day in the city, the pope will take a walk in the streets of the Old City, and he will head toward the Gate of Dawn, one of the ancient points of access to the Lithuanian capital. There, he will pray the Rosary and deliver...


Pakistan's military says security forces have raided militant hideouts setting off a shootout that leaves seven soldiers and nine militants dead.

Pakistan’s military says security forces acting on intelligence have raided militant hideouts, triggering a shootout that left seven soldiers and nine militants dead in the northwest near neighboring Afghanistan

Somali Civil War

A U.S. airstrike kills 18 Al Shabaab militants who were engaged in an attack on U.S. and local forces.

A U.S. military airstrike has killed 18 al-Shabaab extremists after U.S. and local forces came under attack in southern Somalia, the U.S. Africa Command said Saturday.

War in Afghanistan

Eight children playing near a police station in the northern Faryab province are killed by a landmine explosion. Six other children are also wounded.

The children were playing near a police station when the bomb blast happened, witnesses say.

2018 Ahvaz military parade attack

Four unknown gunmen, wearing military uniforms, open fire during a military parade to commemorate the Iran-Iraq War in Ahvaz, Khuzestan, Iran, killing 25 people and wounding up to 60. Both the Islamic State and Ahvaz National Resistance claim responsibility.

Gunmen fired on a military parade in southwestern Iran on Saturday, killing 11 m...

Day Before Yesterday

Trans Mountain Pipeline

Canada Natural Resources Minister Amarjeet Sohi orders the National Energy Board to conduct a new review of the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion project.

This time it has to take into account the impact of additional oil tanker traffic off the coast of British Columbia

Anti-corruption campaign under Xi Jinping

The director of the National Energy Administration of China, Nur Bekri, is placed under investigation for graft.

of the country's most senior ethnic Uighur officials, head of the energy ad...

Politics of Vietnam

Vietnamese President Tran Dai Quang dies at the age of 61 following an extended illness. Vice President Dang Thi Ngoc Thinh succeeds as the acting President.

Tran Dai Quang had been ill for months and had received medical treatment overseas, say state media.


A woman goes on a stabbing rampage in Queens, New York City, injuring five, including three infants. All are in stable condition.

A newborn and two infants were among five people stabbed early Friday at an in-home day care center in New York by an employee who then tried to kill herself, police said.


The government of Nigeria announces that 61 people have died and 50 others have been hospitalized from a cholera outbreak in Yobe.

Context: Nigeria, Yobe, cholera

Dunrobin tornado

A tornado hits near Dunrobin, Ontario then goes through Ottawa, Canada. 25 people are injured and many houses are destroyed.

Approximately 25 people were injured and at least six were taken to hospital after Friday’s storm, the city of Ottawa said in a statement. Major property damage was reported in several areas.

Islamist insurgency in Mozambique

Twelve villagers are killed and 14 are wounded in an attack by Ansar al-Sunna on a village in northern Mozambique.

At least 12 villagers have been killed and 14 others injured in an attack by suspected jihadists on a village in a gas-rich region of northern Mozambique, a local source says.

Libyan Civil War (2014-present)

The death toll from recent clashes in Tripoli rises to 96. The clashes, which began on August 26, 2018, have also left 444 wounded and 16 missing.

Libyan authorities: Death toll from weeks of fighting in Tripoli climbs to at least 96, including civilians

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