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Tool for generating a Postman collection from an API Blueprint, or an API Blueprint hosted on Apiary.



Drafter < 2.0 is required if you want to use API Blueprint/Apiary API.

To install on OS X:

brew install --HEAD

To install from source:

git clone
cd drafter
git checkout b3dce8d # This is the commit for release 0.1.9
git submodule update --init --recursive # Get all the dependencies needed for compile
sudo make install

Drafter is used to convert Blueprint API to JSON. The preferred version is v0.1.9. Drafter v2 changed the JSON output format to be incomptabile with apiary2postman. Feel free to submit a pull request which fixes this.


pip install apiary2postman

Or, run from your checkout

git clone <repo-url>
cd apiary2postman/apiary2postman
./ <args>


apiary2postman json blueprint.json --output postman.json
If you have the API Blueprint, use the blueprint subcommand:
apiary2postman blueprint some.blueprint > postman.dump

It is also possible to pipe everything:

cat some.blueprint | apiary2postman blueprint > postman.dump
To generate a total Postman environment dump from Apiary API, use the api subcommand with your Apiary API name:
apiary2postman api my_api > my_api.dump

If you don't have an API key, go to Generate one if needed, and set the environment variable APIARY_API_KEY to that hex string.

APIARY_API_KEY=ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff apiary2postman api my_api > my_api.dump

Or to generate only a Postman collection from Apiary API:

apiary2postman --only-collection api my_api > my_api.collection

It's also possible to specify the output file using the --output.

If you have the API Blueprint AST already generated, use the json subcommand:
apiary2postman json some.json > postman.dump

It is also possible to pipe everything:

cat some.json | apiary2postman json > postman.dump
Single Collection

To force all resource groups to be created as Folder within the same Postman collection use --single-collection option.


Contributions are greatly appreciated. What is most lacking is tests and would be super-grealy appreciated.