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Blender 2.5 Import/Export scripts for Heroes of Newerth

Orginal scripts written by theli for Blender 2.49.

See the following thread for details:

These are modified versions from the orginals, changed
to function on Blender 2.5*


Installation Instructions:

    Copy the two script files to the Blender scripts path:

       cp ~/.blender/2.57/scripts/addons/
       cp ~/.blender/2.57/scripts/addons/

    Within Blender, press space and select either
      "Import HoN Model" or "Export HoN Model" for 
      importing and exporting, respectively



       The interfaces are still pretty hacky.

       Right now the model file is hardcoded into
       the script. It can be changed at the options
       dialog, but the file browser does not seem to
       work, so you need to type in the path manually.


Progress Status:

           Geometry : Working
              + Option available to flip UV coordinates
              + Option available to remove double verts

           Animation : Partially Working
              - Skeleton import working
              - Animation action states created with keyframes
              - Animation data not correct

       Export: No Progress yet
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