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More obnoxious CSS animations. Based on the original Obnoxious.CSS by Tim Holman.
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More Obnoxious.CSS

A "just add water" library of obnoxious CSS animations, based on the original Obnoxious.CSS by Tim Holman, and inspired by the simplicity of Animate.CSS.

View The Demo or Download v1.0


I wanted to build a library of animations that were obnoxious, but not so obnoxious they could never be used. I like to think there is a website out there that really needs text to blink un-evenly, or exit via a black hole. If you happen to run one of these websites, please let me know - I would love to see it!

The Path Forward

I feel like I've just begun to scratch the surface of obnoxious CSS animations. There are a lot more possibilities, and my goal is to continue updating and refining the library.

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