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This bot can help you invest in memes and make a fortune out of it!
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Welcome to meme investments!

Welcome to the source code repository of /u/MemeInvestor_bot. This bot has been developed exclusively for /r/MemeEconomy. It allows users to create investment accounts with fictional MemeCoins, invest those MemeCoins in specific memes, and automatically evaluate meme performance resulting in positive or negative returns.

1 Contributing

We welcome contributions from the public! If you'd like to help improve the bot, please fork our project and feel free to tackle any Issues. We also welcome feedback in the form of new issues, so feel free to create new ones for discussion.

2 Overview

The bot is implemented as a set of loosely-connected microservices written in Python and deployed with Docker. Each component handles a single job, such as:

  • Monitoring /r/MemeEconomy for new meme submissions
  • Monitoring /r/MemeEconomy for new commands to the bot
  • Running the database of investor and investment data
  • Monitoring the database for matured investments
  • Serving the website
  • Serving the REST API that provides data to the website

The following instructions will get a copy of the project up and running on your local machine for development and testing purposes.

3 Prerequisites

In order to run the bot, you'll need to install Docker. You may also need to generate Reddit API credentials for the bot (see below).

4 Configuration

After installing the prerequisites and cloning the project, you'll need to configure the bot. To do so, copy the .env.example file to .env and open it in the editor of your choice:

git clone
cd memeinvestor_bot
cp .env.example .env
nano .env

Follow the instructions in .env to configure your test deployment. The instructions include steps for generating Reddit bot credentials, which are necessary for clients to fully access the Reddit API.

Once you've finished, save .env and exit. You're now ready to deploy the bot locally.

5 Deployment

From the root of the project directory, use docker-compose build to build all the microservices described above. Then use docker-compose up -d to launch them. This will spawn an empty investors database, spin up agents to monitor Reddit, and begin serving the informational website.

You should be able to view the website at http://localhost:2015. By default the stats will be boring (no investors and no investments) but you can interact with your test bot on Reddit to populate the database. Alternatively you can manually set up investor accounts by modifying the database with Python or a database manager like adminer.

6 Maintenance

Backing up the database

With the setup dockerized environment should work autonomously and non-stop. However, I would highly recommend to make regular database backups with our script. The best way to do it is to install a cron job and make it run daily.

Here is the cron job that is running on our production server with crontab

0 0 * * * /path/to/memeinvestor_bot/ /path/to/memeinvestor_bot/backups

This job will be triggered every day at exactly 0 minutes and 0 hours.

Updating the deployment

Important thing is how you update the production database with the git repository. Here is the general way to do it.

git pull
docker-compose build
docker-compose up -d

It pulls the git repository, please make sure that you have the origin remote pointing to After that it rebuilds all images and replaces the currently running ones with the freshly built. All the database data and other running containers' data will be safe in docker volumes. Do not forget to get rid of orphan images by docker image prune

And after that you can start tailing logs to see if everything is working smoothly with docker-compose logs -f --tail 10 Also, you can build individual modules by appending their alias to the docker-compose commands.

Working with the website container

Warning! When you rebuild your containers all the logs are lost. If you want to save them and especially the HTTP logs to track the website's stats, please follow the steps below to update HTTP separately and you can just append all other containers' names to the build procedure above

docker logs memeinvestor_bot_http_1 | tee -a ./http.log
docker-compose build http
docker-compose up -d http

Logs are saved to http.log that you can visualize them with goaccess and our .goaccess.caddy.conf

goaccess -f ./http.log -p ~/.goaccess.caddy.conf -o html > /tmp/report.html

Feel free to open the produced html file with any compatible browser. Even Netscape.

7 Built with

  • praw, a Python package that allows for simple access to Reddit's API.
  • fastnumbers, super-fast and clean conversions to numbers.
  • mysqlclient, a MySQL database connector for Python (with Python 3 support).
  • SQLAlchemy, a Python SQL toolkit and Object Relational Mapper.

8 Contributions

MemeInvestor_bot is a community-driven and community-supported project. We need you to keep it live and well. Thank you for all your support!

9 Authors

Active contributors

  • Sagindyk Urazayev - Core developer. Founder. Server, database, and system maintainer. Wrote API in Go. - thecsw
  • Alberto Ventafridda - Main front-end and web developer. Made our beautiful website. - robalb
  • Matt Bell - Back-end developer. Implemented firms and unit tests. - mappum
  • lukenamop - Outside contributor. Working on firms expansion and new commands. - lukenamop

Past contributors

  • Dimitris Zervas - Back-end developer. Introduced Docker and Caddy. - dzervas
  • jimbobur - Our maths guy. Can make really pretty graphs. - jimbobur
  • rickles42 - Back-end and infrastructure developer. Heavy new features and debugging. - rickles42
  • TwinProduction - Heavy outside contributor. - TwinProduction
  • Leo Wilson - Ported our calculator to locally executed javascript.- leomwilson
  • tcmal - Added the daily profit ticker to our website.- tcmal
  • Matthew Sanetra - Added suffixes support to the invest commands.- matthewsanetra
  • Dylan Hanson - Various contributions to the API module.- jovialis
  • Timendum - Made !active to deeplink to the user's comment. - timendem

10 License

This project is licensed under the The GNU General Public License (see the LICENSE file for details), it explains everything pretty well.

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