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Welcome to the Blender-Scripts wiki.

Road Map

Usage Tutorial

Hotkeys added

Shift Left and Shift Right move the current frame 4 frames. Will be made customizable.

Render Icon on Animator's Toolbox header: This runs Boomsmash, which renders an opengl animation. Especially useful if you cannot get realtime playback in the viewport. Very similar to Maya's playblast.


  • Select Armature Only: This button toggles selectability of everything but the armature. This is useful so that you don't accidentally select a mesh or light when animating.
  • Reset All: This reset's the selected bones transforms. note: Does not reset custom properties.
  • Location, Rotation, and Scale: This reset's the selected bones particular transform.


  • Breakdowner: Creates a breakdown between 2 keyframes. Works by cursor position relative to the viewport. IE if you cursor is in the middle it will be 50%.
  • Push: Pushes the pose to the next keyframe.
  • Relax: Relaxes the pose to the previous keyframe.
  • X-Ray: Toggles X-Ray mode for the bones/shapes.


  • Auto-Key Toggle: Turns auto-key on or off.
  • Keying Set Drop down: Select your keying set.
  • Play Animation: Plays the animation in viewport.
  • Rewind: Goes backward in time.
  • Forward: Goes forward in time.

New Key Type

  • Keys: Interpolation type for new keyframes only.
  • Handles: Handle type for new keyframes only.
  • Motion Paths: Creates a motion path for the selected bone.


  • OpenSubdiv: Toggles OpenSubdiv for objects in the scene with subdivision surface modifiers on them. This improves viewport performance
  • Simplify: Allows you to control the Subdivision Surface Modifiers in the viewport to improve performance.

Advanced Boomsmash

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