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# ft lib

This is a library for manipulating lists of dictionaries. 

## Setup
You can get the stable version using pip:

    $ pip install ft

## Running Tests

If you're having trouble running tests, run them from the ft repo root 
directory, and do the following:

    $ export PYTHONPATH=`pwd`
    $ python tests/

## Conventions
data: If an argument is called data, a list of dictionaries is expected there.

datum/point: A single dictionary in a list of dictionaries. 

dex: If an argument is called dex, then it should be a dex--a dictionary
whose values are lists of dictionaries. This is what indexBy returns. 

prop: If an argument is called prop, it's a property. This usually should
be an entry in every datum in data. It isn't always, sometimes intended for
retaining consistency. 

## Official To-Do/Bugs List

### Bugs:
    + load_csv is a half-baked implementation. No quote support.

### To-Do/Ideas (No Particular Order):
    * multidex seems to be superslow--optimizations required.
    * validate
    * a version of validate that doesn't raise an error, but instead
        just returns naughty and nice lists.
    * fill_defaults
        - given a default entry, it fills each data point that lacks
            a key in default with the kv pair in the default.
    * dump_csv
        - both load_csv and dump_csv need to be totally written to handle
            dialects more formally
    * load_json, dump_json - I don't use json enough for this, but it's easy.
    * indexBy4's performance really dragged once pipe was fixed. Further
        optimizations: change pipe's default from lambda x: x to False and
        create two cases.
    * mv(("x","y"), [{"x":...}, ...]) -> [{"y":...}, ...]
    * has - remove values that don't have property
    * fulldex: build a dex of every value available. crazy? absolutely.
    * kmap(data, k, f)
        d[k] = f(d[k])
    * tag is so useful, but it's hideous. why is it so wrong? 
        - too expressive, perhaps


Git repo for the python ft library.



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