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Email enquiries: hi[at]benzi[dot]io


Bookmark the following code. To run the bot, click the bookmark.


If this does not work, go to basicBot.js and copy paste its content into your console (accessible in chrome by pressing F12) when on in your community.


These can be found in the commands list.


Examples of blacklists can be found in the customization repository. You can add blacklists in the settings of the bot via the methods given in that same repository. See below for more information.

Extending functionality and custom default settings

basicBot can be customized to fit your needs. Please refer to the customization repository for more info. Please do not try to if you are not confident in your JavaScript capabilities.



Special thanks ✨

  • Fungus: His Tastybot has been a source of inspiration for most of the features, and his help with coding problems has been invaluable to make this bot.
  • TAT, Origin and other Litebot contributors: Their Litebot has inspired features like Roulette.
  • Henchman: Never knew this undertaking would give me a friend too.

Translations 🌐

I would like to thank everyone who have contributed in translating the bot via Transifex 🙏

Translator Languages
3GoneS Lithuanian
ajdin291 Serbian
Bart Boom Dutch
cirktv Dutch
clone287 Turkish
DivinityRSPS German
Filly French
Gradure Dutch
H0LYbear Turkish
hadi555 German
Hasztagg Polish
Helvijs Baumanis Latvian
Inga Deveiko Latvian
Janis Petrovskis Latvian
Leopard105 Czech
linusworld Chinese (Taiwan)
Liutauras Vaitkus Lithuanian
Łukasz Strzałek Polish
Mikey Wazowsky Polish
Motel Bible Portuguese
NDA French
Patrick H-Hansen Danish
Rie Danish
Schokin Spanish
Shone Serbian
smt287 Turkish
Tessi Tess Randysková Czech
xMaxist Dutch
Yenn Chinese (Taiwan), Malay
Јовев Немања Serbian


Copyright © 2014-2017 basicBot

Modifications (including forks) of the code to fit personal needs are allowed only for personal use and should refer back to the original source. This software is not for profit, any extension, or unauthorised person providing this software is not authorised to be in a position of any monetary gain from this use of this software. Any and all money gained under the use of the software (which includes donations) must be passed on to the original author.


This bot is developed independently. Changes may be made without notice. There is no guarantee for the bot to be functioning perfectly. admins have the right to request changes. By using this chatbot you agree to not use it for violating's Terms of Service. You also agree not to alter the bot's code, unless in the cases explicitly stated above, for personal use, or for the sole purpose of submitting a pull request with a bug fix or a feature update, at which point it will be looked at and decided by the authors of the project. Please refer to the original author/repository at all times, even on personal forks that are not private. Any requests for changes can be requested via email, through GitHub or via


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