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A python project to send table tennis game points to a league app
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This project will run on a battery powered device (RaspberryPi Zero W) to be able to send game points to a running node.js app acting as server


Some of these packages and system tools are already included in the full raspian distrobution, but i'm always using the lite images

  • Git
    • Install via sudo apt-get install git
  • Python-Dev
    • Install via sudo apt-get install python-dev
  • Python-Pip
    • Install via sudo apt-get install python-pip
  • SPI-Py -
    • Clone git repository: git clone
    • Change into the directory cd SPI-Py
    • Install via sudo python install
    • Make sure you have SPI enabled in your /boot/config.txt
      • dtparam=spi=on
  • MFRC522 -
    • Because i had to patch it, it is included in code
  • Python package requirements could be installed via sudo pip install -r requirements.txt
    • socketIO-client
    • evdev
    • adafruit-charlcd


  • Clone git repository to /home/pi
  • Install dependencies
  • Config backend and LCD
    • See options in file config.default.json (needs to be edited and saved as config.json)
    • LCD connection needs to be configured (HD44780 controller compatible)
  • To boot into "app" add a line su - pi -c '/home/pi/ttleagueterminal/ &' into file /etc/rc.local before the exit instruction
    • this command changes into a shell for user pi and starts the terminal
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