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/*** analog 6.0 ***/
/*** This program is copyright (c) Stephen R. E. Turner 1995 - 2004 except as
*** stated otherwise.
*** This program is free software. You can redistribute it and/or modify it
*** under the terms of version 2 of the GNU General Public License, which you
*** should have received with it.
*** This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
*** without any warranty, expressed or implied. ***/
/*** analog.c; the main function ***/
#include "anlghea3.h"
int main(int argc, char *argv[])
extern char *pos, *record_start, *commandname;
extern unsigned long progressfreq;
extern Inputformatlist *logformat;
extern logical vblesonly;
extern FILE *errfile;
#ifndef NODNS
extern char *dnsfile, *dnslockfile;
extern FILE *dnsfilep, *dnslock;
Logfile *logfilep;
Options *op;
Inputformatlist *fmt;
unsigned long linesread = 0, nextreport;
ptrdiff_t corrupt_pos;
time_t progfreqtime;
struct tm *pflt;
choice rc;
op = (Options *)xmalloc(sizeof(Options));
initialise(argc, argv, op);
if (vblesonly) {
nextreport = progressfreq;
for (logfilep = op->miscopts.logfile[1]; logfilep != NULL;
TO_NEXT(logfilep)) {
if (my_lfopen(logfilep, "cache file")) {
readcache(logfilep, op->hash, op->no_cols, op->datacols,
op->data2cols, op->arraydata, op->wanthead, op->ispagehead,
&(op->dman), op->outopts.tree, op->outopts.derv,
op->outopts.alltrees, op->outopts.alldervs,
op->miscopts.lowmem, op->miscopts.dirsuffix,
op->miscopts.dirsufflength, op->miscopts.usercase_insensitive,
op->outopts.convfloor, op->outopts.multibyte,
my_lfclose(logfilep, op->miscopts.logfile[1], NULL, "cache file",
&(op->dman), op->, &(op->miscopts.bytes),
for (logfilep = op->miscopts.logfile[0]; logfilep != NULL;
TO_NEXT(logfilep)) {
if (logfile_init(logfilep)) {
rc = FALSE;
while (rc != EOF) {
corrupt_pos = -1;
record_start = pos;
for (fmt = logfilep->format, rc = FALSE; rc == FALSE && fmt != NULL;
TO_NEXT(fmt)) {
rc = parsenextrecord(logfilep, fmt->form);
if (rc == TRUE) {
process_data(logfilep, op->hash, op->arraydata, fmt->count,
op->code2type, op->datacols, op->data2cols,
op->no_cols, op->wanthead, op->ispagehead,
op->aliashead, op->argshead, op->refargshead,
&(op->dman), op->outopts.tree, op->outopts.derv,
op->outopts.alltrees, op->outopts.alldervs,
op->miscopts.lowmem, op->miscopts.case_insensitive,
op->outopts.convfloor, op->outopts.multibyte,
op->miscopts.dirsuffix, op->miscopts.dirsufflength,
else if (rc == FALSE)
corrupt_pos = MAX(pos - record_start, corrupt_pos);
else if (rc == NEWLOGFMT) {
logfilep->format = logformat;
if (correctlogfmt(logfilep, op->wanthead, op->code2type,
&(op->dman)) == NULL) {
debug('F', "Ignoring logfile %s, which contains no items "
"being analysed", logfilep->name);
rc = EOF;
else if (rc == BADLOGFMT) {
warn('F', TRUE,
"Can't auto-detect format of logfile %s: ignoring it",
rc = EOF;
} /* end for(fmt) */
if (rc == FALSE)
corrupt_line(logfilep, "", corrupt_pos);
if ((++linesread) == nextreport) {
pflt = localtime(&progfreqtime);
fprintf(errfile, "%s: [%02d:%02d:%02d] %lu lines read\n",
commandname, pflt->tm_hour, pflt->tm_min, pflt->tm_sec,
if (errfile != stderr)
fprintf(stderr, "%s: [%02d:%02d:%02d] %lu lines read\n",
commandname, pflt->tm_hour, pflt->tm_min, pflt->tm_sec,
nextreport += progressfreq;
if ((linesread % MAC_IDLE_FREQ) == 0)
} /* end while (rc != EOF) */
} /* if (logfile_init(logfilep)) */
my_lfclose(logfilep, op->miscopts.logfile[1], op->miscopts.logfile[0],
"logfile", &(op->dman), op->,
&(op->miscopts.bytes), &(op->miscopts.bytes7));
} /* for (logfilep) */
#ifndef NODNS
if (dnsfilep != NULL) {
debug('F', "Closing DNS output file %s", dnsfile);
if (dnslock != NULL) {
dnslock = NULL;
if (remove(dnslockfile) != 0)
warn('F', TRUE, "Trouble deleting DNS lock file %s", dnslockfile);
debug('F', "Deleting DNS lock file %s", dnslockfile);
unhashall(op->hash, &(op->gooditems), &(op->baditems));
if (!STREQ(op->outopts.cacheoutfile, "none"))
outputcache(op->outopts.cacheoutfile, op->gooditems, &(op->dman),
op->arraydata, op->, op->miscopts.bytes,
if (op->outopts.outstyle != OUT_NONE)
output(&(op->outopts), op->gooditems, op->baditems, &(op->dman),
op->arraydata, op->, op->miscopts.bytes,
op->miscopts.bytes7, op->datacols, op->data2cols, op->no_cols,
return(EXIT_SUCCESS); /* just to stop compiler complaining */