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-# RailsDevelopmentBoost
+# Fix slow Rails development mode via `rails-dev-boost`
Make your Rails app 10 times faster in development mode (see FAQ below for more details).
@@ -14,6 +14,18 @@ If you are using **Rails 2.2**: [`rails-dev-boost/rails-2-2`](
If you are using **Rails 2.1** or **Rails 2.0** or **anything older**: you are out of luck.
+## Problems
+If your app doesn't work with `rails-dev-boost` **please open an [issue](**! I'm very interested in making the plugin as robust as possible and will work with you on fixing any issues.
+### Debug mode
+There is built-in debug mode in `rails-dev-boost` that can be enabled by putting this line a Rails initializer file:
+ RailsDevelopmentBoost.debug!
+After restarting your server `rails-dev-boost` will start to spewing detailed tracing information about its actions into your `development.log` file.
## Background
Why create a similar plugin? Because I couldn't get Josh Goebel's to work in my projects. His attempts to keep templates cached in a way that fails with recent versions of Rails. Also, removing the faulty chunk of code revealed another issue: it stats source files that may not exist, without trying to find their real path beforehand. That would be fixable is the code wasn't such a mess (no offense).

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