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=== Maintenance
* 2 major enhancements
* support controller and action path params in view specs (Mike Vincent).
* use ActiveSupport::TestCase when available, else Test::Unit::TestCase - supports Rails 1.2.6 (Brandon Keepers). Closes #620.
* 3 minor enhancements
* improve rdoc for render_template (Patch from Andrew Premdas). Fixes #571.
* use more liberal globs to allow for specs in symlinked dirs (Martin Luder). Closes #361.
* Enable loading fixtures from arbitrary locations (Jacek Becela). Closes #464.
* 4 bug fixes
* Attempt to load application_controller before falling back to application (Geoff Garside). Closes #626.
* Include _id and reduce quoting of default values in view specs (Steen Lehmann). Closes #598.
* Record calls to render and check rendered[:template] and rendered[:partial] for edge rails (> v2.2.2). Closes #633.
* config.gem 'rspec' can't be unpacked. Closes #629.
=== Version 1.1.11 / 2008-10-24
* No changes to rspec-rails - release to align with bug-fix release in rspec ... again :(
=== Version 1.1.10 / 2008-10-24
* No changes to rspec-rails - release to align with bug-fix release in rspec
=== Version 1.1.9 / 2008-10-20
* 4 bug fixes
* require 'rubygems' in script/spec
* fix failure message for error_on and errors_on (Patch from Mike Vincent). Fixes #566.
* fix issues that arise in view spec if passing actual template name to render (Patch from Mike Vincent). Fixes #551.
* fixed bug accessing assigns from helper examples
=== Version 1.1.8 / 2008-10-03
* 2 bug fixes
* correctly handle assigns that are false. Fixes #552.
* ensure that NotYetImplemented examples report as pending (fixed in rspec, not rspec-rails). Fixes #553.
=== Version 1.1.7 / 2008-10-02
* 1 bug fix
* depend on the correct version of rspec
=== Version 1.1.6 / 2008-10-02
* 1 bug fix
* fixed regression where values assigned to the assigns hash were not accessible from the example (#549)
=== Version 1.1.5 / 2008-09-28
IMPORTANT: use 'script/autospec' (or just 'autospec' if you have the rspec gem
installed) instead of 'autotest'. We changed the way autotest discovers rspec
so the autotest executable won't automatically load rspec anymore. This allows
rspec to live side by side other spec frameworks without always co-opting
autotest through autotest's discovery mechanism.
ALSO IMPORTANT: Rails v2.1.1 changed assert_select_rjs such that it doesn't
always fail when it should. Please see
* Generated route specs have shorter names, making it less painful to modify their implementation
* Add conditional so Rails 2.1.0 doesn't warn about cache_template_extensions (patch from James Herdman)
* Fixed stub_model examples to work with Rails 2.1.0 (the code was fine, just the examples needed patching)
* use hoe for build/release
* reworked generated examples for rspec_scaffold - thanks to Mikel Lindsaar and Dan Manges for their feedback
* bye, bye translator
* Added proxy to cookies so you can set them in examples the same way you set them in controllers
* Added script/autospec so you can run autospec without installing the gem
* Support --skip-fixture in the rspec_model generator (patches from Alex Tomlins and Niels Ganser)
* Add mock_model#as_new_record (patch from Zach Dennis)
* mock(:null_object=>true) plays nice with HTML (patch from Gerrit Kaiser)
* Suppress a deprecation notice in Rails 2.1 (James Herdman)
* quiet deprecation warning on inflector (RSL)
* rspec-rails gem (Ben Mabey)
* updated generated code examples
* Make rspec_model generator honour --skip-fixtures tag (Niels Ganser, Alex Tomlins)
* Fix to create new models with attributes in command line (Nicolas)
* fix to_param in mock_model with stubbed id incorrectly returning autogenerated id (Adam Meehan)
* Call Rail's TestCase setup/teardown callbacks (Jonathan del Strother)
* Only run TestUnitTesting once (Jonathan del Strother)
* use require_dependency instead of require (Brandon Keepers)
* Fixed a problem caused by controller action names getting out of sync between rspec-dev and rspec-rails for speccing (Matt Patterson)
* don't mutate hash passed to mock_model (Reg Vos)
=== Version 1.1.4
Maintenance release.
* Moved mock_model and stub_model to their own module: Spec::Rails::Mocks
* Setting mock_model object id with stubs hash - patch from Adam Meehan
* Added as_new_record to stub_model e.g. stub_model(Foo).as_new_record
* Improved stub_model such that new_record? does "the right thing"
* Patch from Pat Maddox to get integrate_views to work in nested example groups.
* Patch from Pat Maddox to get controller_name to work in nested example groups.
* Patch from Corey Haines to add include_text matcher
* Added stub_model method which creates a real model instance with :id stubbed and data access prohibited.
* Applied patch from Pat Maddox to handle redirect_to w/ SSL. Closes #320.
* Added #helper and #assigns to helper specs.
* Applied patch from Bryan Helmkamp to tweak format of generated spec.opts to be more obvious. Closes #162.
* Tweaked list of exceptions (ignores) for autotest
* Applied patch from Rick Olson to get rspec_on_rails working with rails edge (>= 8862)
* Applied patch from Wincent Colaiuta to invert sense of "spec --diff". Closes #281.
* Allow any type of render in view specs. Closes #57.
* Applied patch from Ian White to get rspec working with edge rails (8804). Closes #271.
* Applied patch from Jon Strother to have spec_server reload fixtures. Closes #344.